Crispy egg rolls (4)   $4.85

Shredded carrots, mushrooms, cabbage

Fresh summer rolls ............. $4.95 | shrimp.........$5.95

Lettuce, carrots, cucumber and rice noodle wrapped

in fresh rice paper, served w/ delicious sweet peanut sauce

Fried tofu   $4.95

Sweet n sour sauce topped with crushed peanut

Fried Pot stickers Chicken (6)    $4.95

Crab Rangoon (5)   $6.95

Crabmeat and cream cheese, celery, onion, carrots, minced wrapped in

wonton sheet, served w/ sweet sour sauce...yum!!

Shrimp in blankets (4)    $5.95

Shrimp, bacon, celery wrapped in spring roll skin deep fried till crispy

Edamame    $4.85

Steam soy bean

Chicken lettuce wraps   $5.95

Stir fried Minced chicken, carrots and onions served w/ fresh crisp lettuce cups

Chive dumpling    $4.95

Pan fried veggie dumpling served w/ tasty vinaigrette soy sauce

Tulip dumpling    $5.95

Steamed shrimpand pork dumpling served w/ tasty vinaigrette soy sauce

Thai Fried Calamari (6pcs)    $5.95

 Calamari serve with sweet and sour sauce



Papaya    $7.95

Shredded green papaya, carrots, tomatoes,

peanut lime dressing

Lime dressing salad    $8.95

Grilled Steak $9.95 or Chicken

mixed green, cucumber, tomatoes, onions, cilantro and spicy lime dressing

Mango Seaweed Salad     $7.95

Mango, cucamber, green papaya and seaweed salad in green with

Thai lime vinaigrette



Tom yum Thai     cup $4.95 ... bowl $7.99

add shrimp for $1.00

Clear hot and sour soup, mushroom, onions,

tomatoes and fresh lime juice with chicken

Tomkha      cup $4.95...bowl $8.95

add shrimp for $1.00

Coconut soup, chicken, mushroom and fresh lime juice

Wonton soup     cup $4.85... bowl $7.99

Clear soup w/chicken stuffed in wonton sheet with cabbage,

green onions, cilantro, and fried garlic

Veggies tofu soup     cup $4.85...  bowl $7.99

Assorted veggies, sprouts, green onions, cilantro, and fried garlic

Miso soup     cup $4.85... bowl $7.99

Soy bean base soup w/ tofu seaweed, scallions

Egg drop soup     cup $4.85... bowl $7.99

Egg soup, cabbage and green onions

Rice soup      cup $4.85... bowl $7.99

Chicken, cilantro, topped with green onion and fried garlic



Chicken or Tofu $9.95 | BBQ Pork or Beef $11.95 Shrimp $10.95 |  Seafood or Duck $12.95

House fried Rice

Egg, carrot, onions, and green peas

Sriracha fried rice

Egg, carrot, onions, and green peas with sriracha sauce

Basil fried Rice

Stir fried rice with onion, egg, bells, basil leaves

Yellow Curry fried Rice

Yellow curry seasoning, green peas, egg, carrots, onions and bell peppers

Pineapple fried Rice

Egg, pineapple, carrots, green peas, onions topped with cashew nuts

Combination fried Rice     $11.95

Stir fried rice with egg, carrot, onions, green peas, chicken,beef and shrimp

Crabby Fried Rice     $12.95

Stir fried rice with egg, carrot, onions, green peas and real crabmeat



Chicken noodle soup

Chicken or tofu $8.95 | beef or shrimp $10.95 | seafood or duck $12.95

Noodle soup with bean sprouts, scallions, basil leaves


Chicken or tofu $9.95 | shrimp or beef $11.95 | seafood or duck    $12.95

Wide noodle, broccoli in gravy sauce

BBQ pork egg noodles soup    $9.95

Broccoli, beansprouts

Kao soy

Chicken or tofu $10.95 | shrimp or beef $11.95

Crispy egg noodle in tasty coconut yellow curry sprinkled mixed green,

red bells, red, green onions and cilantro chicken

Tom kha noodles

Chicken or tofu $9.95 | shrimp or beef $11.95

Thin rice noodles with mushroom in coconut soup w/ scallions,

cilantro on top chicken



Chicken or Tofu $9.95 Beef $11.95 Shrimp $10.95

Seafood or Duck $12.95

Served with steamed white rice.

(Substitute with brown rice or sticky rice add $1)

Roti curry Chicken or Tofu    $11.95

Coconut milk and cook homemade curry with carrots,

onion, potatoes serve with delicious ROTI pastries

Green curry*

Coconut milk, Bamboo shoot, bells, green beans & basil leaves

Yellow curry

Potatoes, coconut milk carrots, peas, white onions

Red curry*

Bamboo shoot, coco nut milk, bells, green beans & basil leaves

Panang curry

Thai curry with bells peppers, carrot, broccoli in coconut milk

Mussamun curry

Medium spicy curry in coconut milk with potatoes, carrots and peanuts

Pineapple curry*

Bells, pineapple, tomatoes, basil leaves



Chicken or Tofu $9.95 | Beef $11.95  Shrimp $10.95 | Seafood or Duck $12.95

Pad Thai

Thin rice noodle with green onions, bean sprouts, egg,

and crushed peanut in tamarind sauce

Pad Thai with glass noodle

Glass noodle with green onions, bean sprouts, egg,

and crushed peanut in tamarind sauce

Flat noodle (Pad kee mao)

Basil leaves, broccoli, tomatoes, carrots, bean sprouts, cabbage,

baby corn and onions

See ew

Soft flat noodle w/ eggs, broccoli, carrots, bean sprouts and

sweet soy sauce


Egg, carrots, cabbage, mushroom and broccoli

Glass noodle

Egg, carrots, cabbage, mushroom, bean sprouts, onion,

corns and broccoli



Chicken or Tofu $9.95 | Beef $ 11.95  Shrimp $10.95 | Seafood or Duck $12.95

Served with steamed white rice.

(Substitute with brown rice or sticky rice add $1)

Veggie delight

Assorted vegetable, pineapple, sprouts stir fried in light sauce

Mongolian beef

Tender beef with bell peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms and

onions in a special oyster sauce


Basil leaves, green bean, mushroom, white onion, bells

Cashew nuts*

Carrots, pineapple, bells, mushroom, and broccoli

Szechuan chicken n shrimp*    $10.50

Carrots, bells, broccoli, onion, baby corn in spicy sauce

Spicy Kung pao*

Green white onion, carrots, bells, peanuts

Garlic pepper

String beans cabbage, with onion, fried garlic on top

Beef & broccoli In oyster sauce

Thai peanut

Stir fried peanut sauce withbroccoli, cabbage, carrots, and bean sprouts



Happy family     $12.95

Chicken, pork, beef, shrimp seafood stir fried with

mixed veggies in brown sauce

Shrimp honey walnut    $10.95

Tempura shrimp wok tossed in a gourmet honey

sauce, celery topped w/ glazed walnut

Orange chicken      $9.95

Marinated chicken breast broccoli in Orange sauce

Almond Sriracha chicken      $9.95

Marinated chicken breast broccoli in Sriracha sauce and almond

Sesame chicken      $9.95

Marinated chicken breast broccoli and carrot in sesame sauce

Mango chicken      $10.95

Marinated chicken breast broccoli in Mango sauce and Mango slice

Sweet and sour chicken      $9.95

Marinated chicken breast pineapple, bells, broccoli, onion, tomatoes

and mushroom in our house special sweet and sour sauce

Seafood combination      $12.95

With brown rice shrimps, mussel, squids with basil leaves, onions,

bells in tasty garlic soy sauce served with brown rice

Tiger cries steak       $15.95

Spicy sauce on the side served w/ sticky rice

Salmon in curry sauce       $12.95

Grilled salmon fillet in red curry sauce

Teriyaki Steak

Chicken 10.50 | Steak $13.99 | Salmon $12.95

Chicken or salmon grilled with Broccoli, cabbage, carrots topped

with teriyaki sauce

Omelet pad Thai chicken       $12.95

Onions, bean sprouts, egg, and crushed peanut in tamarind sauce

Wrapped in omelet!

Chicken Wings Delicious       $9.95

Choice of sauce: sweet & sour sauce, teriyaki sauce, or sirasha sauce

Delicious marinated wings served with rice


Chicken       $2.0

Beef $3.5, BBQ Pork or Shrimp      $2.50

Duck or Seafood       $4.50

Sunny Side Egg        $1

Roti                     $2



Lomien ........................................... $2.50

fried rice ......................................... $2.50

Steam broccoli ............................... $2.00

Steam rice or noodle....................... $1.50

Roti ................................................. $2.00

Brown rice....................................... $2.00

Peanut sauce................................... $1.50



Roti      $3.95

Topped with condensed milk and sugar

Mango w/ sweet sticky Rice     $5.85

Topped with coconut milk sauce

Fried tempura ice cream crispy     $5.85

Battered ball stuffed with vanilla ice cream

Fried banana w/ ice cream      $4.25

Banana wrapped in deep fried

crispy roll topped w/ chocolate syrup

and vanilla ice cream

Original cheese cake       $3.95 

  with chocolate sauce

Tiramisu                $5.95

mascarpone custard layered and rum, coffee soaked ladyfingers


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